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Heavyweight Ways to Use Your Brain and

Behaviour to Lose Weight... and Keep It Lost!

About 'Dr Mark'

Dr Mark then moved on to explore and research his deep and personal interest into the practical applications of the evidence-based, cognitive and behavioural sciences to everyday living. He has a particular interest in helping people achieve "personal change" in their lives through changes in their thinking and behaviour.


Although not a medical doctor or psychiatrist, Dr Mark's credentials for writing this "Diet Tricks" book are based partly on his own personal experiences of successfully losing weight using the tools described, and partly on his interest, research and formal training into the practical applications of the evidence-based cognitive and behavioural sciences to everyday living, including losing weight.


Dr Mark thus has formal university-level training, qualifications and practical experience in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Coaching and Mentoring, along with Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As a result of this, he is registered as a Member of the Institute of Counselling, based in the UK, as a practising Cognitive-Behavioural Coach and Mentor.


He is also a doctor in the academic sense, being a trained scientist with a First Class Honours Degree and a PhD from University College London, England, UK. He has been known professionally by the name "Dr Mark" since the late 1990s, in his education consultancy, training and presentation work, in his science and maths books, CDs and DVDs for teachers, and on his "Dr Mark" website:


This is Dr Mark’s first book focusing solely on the practical applications of the cognitive and behavioural sciences in everyday life. More such books are planned.


Mark Biddiss, PhD (affectionately known as "Dr Mark" to his clients), is a Cognitive-Behavioural Coach and Mentor. He was formerly a gas-man, turned college lecturer and private tutor, turned space scientist, turned education consultant.


In the first part of his "Dr Mark" career, his aim was to make learning and thinking about science and maths fun, engaging, inspiring and even exciting.  During this period, he worked with thousands of schools and colleges, tens of thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of school children. He also wrote sixteen books of his novel ideas, four commissioned, primarily for teachers and parents. Most are still available as Amazon Kindle e-books.