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Heavyweight Ways to Use Your Brain and

Behaviour to Lose Weight... and Keep It Lost!

Weight-Loss Coaching & Mentoring

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Are you finding it hard to lose weight on your own? If so, you’re not alone. Studies show that very few people who struggle with dieting can lose weight, and keep if off long-term, without some form of help and encouragement from a person or a group of people. A genuinely trusted ‘confidant’ can make you more motivated and committed to stick to making changes and promises of action that will achieve your weight-loss goal. Probably the biggest benefit of getting help from other people in this way is that they can help you set your weight-loss goals and plans of action, and, most importantly, keep you accountable for your goals, plans and actions.


In writing the ‘Diet Tricks’ book I sincerely hope that my readers will have all the information they need to be able to successfully reach and maintain their weight-loss goals.


However, if you feel that you would like some help in achieving your weight-loss goals, and don’t fancy the idea of joining a weight-loss group or confiding in a trusted friend, relative or colleague, then please do get in touch with me via the website if you do fancy the idea of engaging me to be your very own Weight-Loss Coach and Mentor. As the author of this Diet Tricks guide, and as a qualified cognitive-behavioural coach and mentor, I’d like to think that I know my stuff here, and should be able to help if you’re able and willing to work with me.


That said, I’d like to point out that because of other ongoing commitments, I can only work with two or three clients at any given time. But it’s worth getting in touch to see if or when I’m available for you, and to explore the coaching and mentoring options I can offer you, along with the associated costs.


I’m happy to work with clients face-to-face, or remotely via telephone or via internet phone/video calls.