Diet Tricks

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Heavyweight Ways to Use Your Brain and

Behaviour to Lose Weight... and Keep It Lost!

Welcome to the 'DIET TRICKS' Website! 


This is where you will find the Complete Diet Tricks Guide! The primary aim of this website is to support for the book: 


'Diet Tricks - Heavywieght Ways to Use Your Brain and Behaviour to Lose Weight...And Keep It Lost! (And to Achieve Lots of Other Things Too!).

PART 1: Bite-Sized Weight-Loss Tips


‘Diet Tricks’ is not just any old diet book. It’s not the sort of diet advice you’re usually dished-up. It won’t be telling you what to eat or to drop a certain food group or only eat on days with the letter “e” in them, or anything like that. It won’t be giving you recipes or suggesting specific exercises either. Sorry.


Instead, this book (and the supporting resources on this website) will tell you how to use the most powerful, evidence-based “tricks” of thinking, feeling and behaving known to humankind to lose weight. These tricks can help you overcome obstacles and barriers and, just as important, these tricks can help you keep that weight lost for good.


You will be served a menu full of scientifically sound cognitive and behavioural tips, tools and techniques that really work to help you stick to whatever diet or weight-loss regime you are following.


To make things as easy as possible for you to consume, all of the “diet tricks” in the book itself are dished-out in bite-sized portions, served with as few ingredients as necessary, making them as palatable for you to digest as possible.


As written in the book’s title, it is ‘PART 1’ of the Complete Diet Tricks Guide. The book will satisfy the hunger of most dieters. However, for those who are craving for more, they will have FREE access via the menu above to ‘PART 2 - Bigger Portions to Help You Even More’ on this website, which contains much more detailed information about the 46 ‘Bite-Size Tips’ in topics 1, 2 and 3 of the ‘PART 1’ 'Diet Tricks' book, including even more “Diet Tricks”! There’s also a FREE nutritious supplementary side-dish which should be of interest to many overweight people: ‘Can You Be “Fat But Fit”?’.


Finally, via the above menu you’ll also find details and a free sample of the forthcoming ‘PART 3’ book of this Complete Diet Tricks Guide: ‘Why Losing Weight is Hard to Do - Why You Eat the Way You Do’.