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Heavyweight Ways to Use Your Brain and

Behaviour to Lose Weight... and Keep It Lost!

Part 2: Bigger Portions


Welcome to the Part 2: Bigger Portions area for you lucky souls who have a copy of the ‘Diet Tricks’ book!


This is where you’ll find a wealth of FREE information to further enrich, enhance and expand upon what I’ve already written in the ‘Bite-Size Tips’ 21 to 66 in the 'Diet Tricks' book. To make things as easy as possible for you to find, I have used the same number for each ‘tip’ on this website as I have for the ‘Bite-Size Tip’ in the book, but shortened the title for each just a little. I’ve already said enough about the ‘Starter Tit-Bits (Tips 1 to 20) in the book itself, so there’ll be no more about them here.


Here you’ll be able to access lots more about all the tips described in topics 1, 2 and 3 in the book, including even more tools and tips to try, along with a bit more detailed explanations of the scientific thinking behind each tip. For added illustration and explanation, this is where I’ll also tell you more about some of my own relevant personal experiences and anecdotes to do with the various tools and tips (not too boring, I hope).


Finally, make sure you have the book to hand, as you’ll need it to find the password to access most of the menu options. And don’t be surprised if I change the password now and again either, just to make sure you hold onto the book!




To access the FREE resources either "Login" via the main menu above or click the blue button above:


Then enter the username "guest" and the password* where prompted.


*To find the password, you'll need to refer to your copy of the 'Diet Tricks' book. The current password is the first word in the first paragraph of "Bite-Size Tip 43", as it appears, case sensitive

(clue: it begins with 'S'). You'll find it on page 126 of the printed paperback edition.


And I'd be really grateful if you would PLEASE PLEASE NOT share the access password with people who have NOT purchased their own copy of the book! Thank you so much.