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Heavyweight Ways to Use Your Brain and

Behaviour to Lose Weight... and Keep It Lost!

Part 3 Book: "Why Losing Weight Is Hard To Do -

Why You Eat The Way You Do"

(and What You Can Do About It!)

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What Sort of "Eater" Are You?


What Are The Two Sorts of Hunger?


Why Do You Get Hungry?


Why Do "Some" People Enjoy Eating Sugary, Fatty and Junk Foods So Much?


Why Only About Ten Percent Weight-Loss May Be Your Sustainable Limit.

This "PART 3" book of the Complete Diet Tricks Guide is over and above the basic weight-loss tips. It’s more of a background to the whole food and eating issue as it applies to you individually.


Self-knowledge is important in all aspects of our lives, especially in helping us to achieve things. In the process of writing the diet tricks book it occurred to ‘Dr Mark’ that it was really important – and potentially really useful – to understand what makes us eat the way we do, from both a physiological point of view as well as a psychological one.


For instance, Dr Mark wanted to understand what sort of eater he was: one who responds mostly to his body’s metabolic needs, or more to his emotional needs? He was also interested in precisely why he gets hungry in the first place: what are the biological and psychological mechanisms which make him feel the sensation of “hunger”? And he wanted to know why he found it particularly challenging to resist eating too much sugary and fatty food.


Knowing something about all these things as they apply to you can help with your weight-loss journey. In turn, this understanding of yourself can help you prepare for and overcome some of the inevitable obstacles and barriers you will face.


That’s what you’ll learn about in this book.



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